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How to Buy Glasses Online?

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At AVOTGlasses, you can buy prescription glasses online from the comfort of your home. When it comes to your prescription eyeglasses, extra precaution matters. Follow these simple steps to buy prescription glasses online.

Step 1: Get Your Prescription

The process to buy prescription eyeglasses online still involves a visit to the optometrist (unless you’re looking for plano glasses or

reading glasses). Your doctor is responsible for clearly identifying your vision problems, writing a prescription, explaining technical terms, and addressing your eye care needs.

For custom-made eyeglasses, you can also seek the services of opticians. They're able to measure your pupillary distance(PD) to determine the exact placement of the center of the lenses for accuracy. Knowing your PD (and getting it verified by a professional) is a key step in the getting yourself some prescription lenses that really work.

Auckland Vision Optics Technology App

You can now measure your pupillary distance online with AVOTGlasses's Lens Scanner, available on the App Store and Google Play. This app will help you save time and money when buying a new pair of glasses.

This application allows you to get your current prescription details free of charge within minutes withour having to go to an eye doctor. The Lens Scanner is also a pupilary distance measurement app, so you will get all the details you need to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Here are a few benefits of using the Lens Scanner app to measure pupillary distance online:

-The application is totally free.

-It’s fast and hassle-free as you can get it done in only 5 to 10 minutes.

-You can get your own prescription anywhere and at any time.

-It’s an FDA listed application.

-You can immediately start shopping for a new pair at AVOT!


Step 2: Get the Right Frame


Frame Shape

The eyeglasses of your choice should complement your face and highlight your favorite facial attributes. Before you buy eyeglasses online, you should get to know your face shape a little better. You’ll know if your face is oval, round, square, diamond, or heart shape by simply looking in the mirror. Then, you can check out this guide – it’s packed full of our recommendations for suitable eyewear!

Frame Size

While considering eyeglasses frame sizes for fashion, it’s best to determine the correct measurements for your face. Big frames can make your face look smaller, while small frames can make your face look bigger. Too loose, your eyeglasses might slip off, while too narrow might cause improper blood flow and discomfort!

If you have an old pair of eyeglasses that suit you well, you can check the measurements engraved at the temples. It’s worth taking into account that your glasses, over time, will also ‘break in’ and become more comfortable – so don’t be discouraged if that cool new pair that you’ve just bought feels a little small.


Frame Materials

Once you’ve decided on your new frames’ shape, size, brand, and materials, you can proceed to choose the best colour for you. Most of the time, the designs that you know and love are available in a wide range of colours. Have a look at Ray-Ban Wayfarers, for example.

Step 3: Enter Your Prescription to Choose Lenses and Coatings


Once you’ve decided on the frames, you can submit your prescription at checkout. At AVOTGlasses, you can do it manually each time you purchase or upload it to our system so we can quickly ship you the glasses you need without you having to worry about tracking those evasive prescriptions down.Your prescription may mean you might be required to have single-vision or multi-vision lenses. However, you can still decide the lens materials and thickness at checkout. Check out this lens index chart to find out which one is most suitable for your vision correction needs!


Step 4: More Information

At AVOTGlasses, there’s a whole world of designer sunglasses, designer eyeglasses, and more available from the comfort of your home. You’ve got a key part of your prescription to hand, meaning you’ll be far more informed when it comes to buying eyewear online.

Speaking of being more informed, check out our Optical Center. We’ve got hundreds of articles, ranging from contact lens queries to eye care tips- all at your fingertips. We also have a wonderful “Ask The Optician” section where you can ask any burning questions you may have. You can get expert-led advice about a range of topics from our in-house optician team.

Read up on the afcts? Good. It's time to pick up someunreal deals from AVOT. We thought we'd in troduce you to a couple of our favorite ranges below.


Arise HD Prescription Lenses

AVOTGlasses offers groundbreaking durability, pristine clarity, and perfect vision – all in the same lenses. Arise HD Clarity Prescription Lenses are made for the everyday wearer but also offer advanced protection, making them suitable for any adventure.

he Arise Clarity Lens Collection comes packed with protective elements to provide you with an unbeatable pair of prescription glasses. From scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings to UV 400 and superhydrophobic protection, these lenses are guaranteed to keep your eyes comfortable in any situation.

These lenses are also aspheric, making them thinner and lighter than many other prescription lenses. These high-performing, durable lenses feature an innovative lens technology that provides optimal clarity and comfort in the urban jungle.

zFORT® Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light is a potentially harmful form of light. While it is naturally emitted by the sun, electronic devices (upon which we’re spending more and more time every day) are also high-level producers. Blue light rays at a wavelength between 415nm – 455nm can damage your retinal cells, which may lead to premature eye aging and vision problems in the future.

Our exposure to these harmful light rays may also cause a range of other health problems, including poor sleep. Find out more about how to protect your eyes from blue light with anti blue light glasses from zFORT.