• AVOT Company Culture

    1. The spirit of AVOT

    Innovation: Be good at learning, learn from others' strengths, and create first-class management, first-class technology and first-class products with our own characteristics.

    Seeking truth: everything proceeds from reality, researches the market in a down-to-earth manner, and focuses on product quality.

    Pinbo: The market does not believe in tears. To create brilliance, the only way is hard work, hard work, and hard work.

    Dedication: Serve the country through industry, take the prosperity of the nation as our own responsibility, and build a business with strong national self-esteem and self-improvement to produce first-class talents.


    2. Core Concept

    Enterprise purpose: benefit mankind with science and technology

    Business philosophy: Leading in speed, winning in scale

    Market concept: market-oriented, "order contract" as the core, everything serves customers and order contracts

    Quality concept: keep improving, pursue excellence